[1]夏君山,夏向陽,趙 威,等.基于差值電流分析的高壓電纜在線監測研究[J].高壓電器,2019,55(07):165-172.[doi:10.13296/j.1001-1609.hva.2019.07.024]
 XIA Junshan,XIA Xiangyang,ZHAO Wei,et al.Research on Online Monitoring for HV Cable Based on Differential Current Analysis[J].High Voltage Apparatus,2019,55(07):165-172.[doi:10.13296/j.1001-1609.hva.2019.07.024]





Research on Online Monitoring for HV Cable Based on Differential Current Analysis
夏君山1 夏向陽2 趙 威2 李明德3 黃 海3 陳善求1
(1. 金杯電工股份有限公司, 長沙 410007; 2. 長沙理工大學電氣與信息工程學院, 長沙 410114; 3. 衡陽市產商品質量 監督檢驗所, 湖南 衡陽 421000)
XIA Junshan1 XIA Xiangyang1 ZHAO Wei2 LI Mingde3 HUANG Hai3 CHEN Shanqiu1
(1. Goldcup Electric Apparatus Co.,Ltd., Changsha 410007, China; 2. College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Changsha University of Science & Technology, Changsha 410114, China; 3. Hengyang City Commodity Quality Supervision and Inspection, Hunan Hengyang 421000, China)
高壓電纜 接地線電流 比值分析 不平衡度 在線監測
HV cable ground line current ratio analysis unbalance factor online monitoring
Since single-parameter monitoring of power cable sheath fault cannot be evaluated fault accurately and multi-parameter fault monitoring is not enough for data fusion analysis, an on-line cable faults method based on differential current analysis is proposed to precautions for early failures of high-voltage cable lines. This method measures grounding current at the direct grounding box and the cross-connected grounding box and calculate the fault and normal conditions of the grounding wire three-phase current for ratio analysis and unbalance to identify the fault. The fault criteria and fault database are established by fuzzy control based on the change of character parameter such as eccentricity, and inclination angle of the locus. The faults such as grounding box water inlet, coaxial cable broken, joint open circuit, joint short circuit in different locations are simulated. A set of cable insulation on-line monitoring system is designed and simulated at laboratory which includes the front-end signal acquisition unit, micro-controller master unit, as well as background data analysis and processing unit. The actual monitoring results show that the cable online monitoring system based on this method can truly reflect the insulation characteristics of the cable.


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夏君山(1967—),男,碩士,教授級高工,主要從事電纜設計與制造工作。 夏向陽(1968—),男,博士,教授,主要研究方向為電力電子技術在電力系統中的應用和電力電纜故障診斷。 趙 威(1995—),男,碩士生,研究方向為電力系統運行與控制(通訊作者)。收稿日期:2018-11-18; 修回日期:2019-01-10 基金項目:國家自然科學基金資助項目(51307009);湖南省自然科學衡陽聯合基金(2018JJ4025)。 Project Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China(51307009),Hunan Natural Science Hengyang Joint Fund(2018JJ4025).
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